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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

EC1-350: Crack The Hacking Exam

The EC1-350 exam gets you to the height of your IT career in the subfield of hacking and encryption. Mostly this exam is for those who want to demonstrate knowledge of system hacking and security.
The exam leads to Certified Ethical Hacker 7. The EC1-350 exam has a total of a hundred and fifty questions and the total time allowed to complete the exam is four hours. The questions are traditional multiple choice questions. The test is generally taken in English and is done online. You pass the test of you get anything above 70 % score.

EC1-350 Exam Syllabus overview

The EC1-350 test involves studying the profile of an ethical hacker and knowledge of how to become one. One is required to know the five stages of hacking and functionality of triangle. Important too, is the information that hackers look for and how they look for it. Know where such information is found and get acquainted with the term foot printing.
This EC1-350 part further tests your understanding of Google hacking, e mail tracking, and website mirroring. Make sure you know the types of scanning like port scanning, vulnerability scanning, and network scanning. To do well make sure you understand the objectives and methodology of scanning. Furthermore, techniques like tunneling and spoofing are tested.
This EC1-350 exam, along with enumeration, tests you on password attacks and password cracking techniques and sniffing, extending to Trojan attacks, their work and prevention.
Understand how viruses were formed, how they work, and their different types. Make sure you understand the concept of sniffing tools, and can identify the protocols that are vulnerable to sniffing.
Furthermore, understand different types of social engineering, human weakness and identity theft along with other related concepts.
You need to know the essential session hijacking and DOS attach techniques and different types of attacks and session hijacking. EC1-350 Web server architecture and defacement is very important too; you should be able to understand different types of attacks. Be familiar with primary web application architecture and components.

Moreover, the EC1-350 test would include detecting SQL injection attacks, identifying tools and learning methodology and network encryption and Wi-Fi authentication. Understand how firewalls and honey spots work and can be evaded and protected. You will be expected to understand, identify and detect overflows and various types of cryptography. Penetration and risk management come at last, with various types of testing.
All these areas will be covered over 19 modules in your test.

EC1-350 Preparation Advice

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